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Paul 12-14-2007 03:30 PM

IMPORTANT: Please read before posting
This forum is for communicating with other UltraBac users throughout the world, sharing tips, giving feedback, asking/giving non-critical help, suggestions/ideas etc.

Please be respectful to UltraBac staff and other users. Anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted at the sole discretion of UltraBac staff.

Please do NOT post requests for urgent assistance! Whilst this forum is routinely scanned by UltraBac staff, it may take hours or days for your new posting to be noticed. Please call +1 425 644 6000 (this line is answered 24 hours a day, and will give you out-of-hours chargeable support options) for urgent support requests. Alternatively, you may email support@ultrabac.com with your support questions. During normal office hours it is very rare for hold times to exceed more than a few minutes. We take great pride in our reputation for outstanding customer support and service; but please consider this forum an addition to our support options and not a replacement for telephone support.

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