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mmendez 08-05-2014 08:04 AM

Error: SkipToEot has failed with ERROR_CRC
I'm having some issues with an Ultrabac 9.1.0 with tapes
here is the errors list.
Error! 8/5/2014 8:18:46 AM
Error: SkipToEot has failed with ERROR_CRC.

Error! 8/5/2014 8:18:46 AM
Error positioning media for backup.
See http://www.ultrabac.com/kb/error.asp?error=0724 for additional information.

Error! 8/5/2014 8:18:46 AM
Unable to prepare media.
See http://www.ultrabac.com/kb/error.asp?error=3185 for additional information.
Log file was incomplete and was auto fixed. Some data may be missing.


Anyone have any ideas?


James Dawes 01-05-2015 12:59 PM

Hopefully you already got your answer from calling in to technical support. When you get CRC errors related to tape drives or tape media, you will want to do the following:

clean the drive, potentially even twice

try new media

check the windows event logs for hardware related errors and run diagnostics.

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