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mikel 07-21-2008 04:19 PM

UNIX restore
Can you restore files backed up with the UNIX agent (HPUX) to a windows box? I'm looking to restore just data. No OS files. If not what versions of Linux are supported?

As a follow up to my original question I thought I should clarify the HPUX/Linux statement.We have an HPUX box that we've been backing up with the Ultrabac UNIX agent. It is dead and off maintenance so we are not fixing it but retrieving the data would be nice. As this was our last UNIX box, I would like to restore to Windows. If this is not an option then I thought I could build a Linux box and restore to that instead.

Derek Beaney 07-22-2008 08:41 AM


UltraBac can only restore back to the same platform from where the backup was made.

As for what versions of Linux, we support most versions of Linux, but they need to have an Ext3 or Ext2 file system.

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