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effistvan 11-09-2008 12:33 PM

Device Sets (RAID)
There was a software RAID feature in UB 6, but it is not supported in 7x and 8x.
Will this feature be supported again in the future?



Derek Beaney 11-10-2008 07:28 AM


For image backup Version 7 and version 8 does support software raid 0 and raid 1. If this is not what you are refering to, please contact our support team at 425-644-6000 or at Support@UltraBac.com

effistvan 11-10-2008 07:46 AM

Hi Derek,

No, I think this is not what I am looking for.

What you are writing is that I can create image backup with v7 and 8 even if there is a software raid option on my disk I would like to backup.

What I am looking for is in v6 I could define device sets (group of devices) to backup more than one device simultaneously, for example two devices in mirror mode, or striped mode, or 4 devices in RAID5 mode.

Maybe UltraCopy can handle most of these features, but it is not the same in backup time and management needs.




Chip Coomes 11-10-2008 10:26 AM


The last version of UltraBac to have support for Device sets was v6. That functionality was not incorporated into v7 or v8, and is not on our Development schedule for any future versions.


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