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JDG 07-13-2011 06:43 PM

UB /jobs?
UB /jobs does not show UltraCopy jobs, is this by design or omission? Is there a way to see the current file being backed up by UltraCopy? I'm currently extremely backup storage constrained and need to delete files as soon as they have been copied to tape as possible. Hopefully the storage constraint won't last too long as I can only back up about 800 GB of our normal 4 TB weekly total (full, image, Exchange, SQL, differential).

UltraBac 9.2.1
May 10, 2011
Build 1200
server x64

As always, many thanks for the great support (documentation may need some work, but support is one of the best),


Derek Beaney 08-01-2011 07:45 AM


the command ub.exe /jobs will only show UltraBac jobs.

UltraCopy uses a different .exe (ubcopy.exe) to initiate the jobs, and thoes will not show up in the command line (only the Gui interface)

I have submitted a feature request to have the /jobs switch added to the ubcopy.exe so you can display the jobs via command line.

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