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JohanGagner 02-02-2007 07:37 AM


I have a system with 3 partitions:
C: (boot partition)
D: (OS partition (d:\winnt))
x: (swap partition)

How do i restore to c: and d:?
Do i make d: as "active" or c:?

I have tried to make c: the active partition, but then ultrabac tries to copy files to c:\winnt. the os is on d:?? :confused:

Does Ultrabac separate boot partition from os partition??


Derek Beaney 02-06-2007 10:19 AM

Hi Johan,

The only time you need to mark a partition active, is when you resize the partitions or create the partitions manually. Can i have you do the following steps and see if you are having the same issue?

1. Restore the MBR
2. Check restore logs and make sure there are no errors
3. Restore only the c partition (no options selected)
4. Check Logs for errors
5. Restore only the d: partition, Choosing the option to restore to different hardware
6. Check Logs for errors
7. Restore only the x drive, (no options selected)
8. check the logs, and then reboot.

If the partitions that you are restoring are dynamic, please email me and let me know.

JohanGagner 02-07-2007 01:55 AM

Hi Derek,

Sorry, forgot to say that it is to different hardware and resize.
The resize is on the c: and d: partitions so i cant do the MBR.

Ive tried to make the d: active and tested to start.
It boots up ok, so i will run on this.

It is a temporary solution, we are waiting on new hardware and new OS, fresh installed.


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