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James Dawes 05-02-2012 10:03 AM

Get current disk map failed, error:8be10023
Problem :

Error caused by file /vmfs/volumes///
Example: Error caused by file /vmfs/volumes/4dbb034c-a1d0b36c-1d3f-60eb696eb009/iSCSI-07x86/iSCSI-07x86.vmdk


The problem is within VMwares CBT (Changed Block tracking).


In some cases, such as a power failure or hard shutdown while virtual machines are powered on, CBT might reset and lose track of incremental changes. Likewise offline Storage vMotion, but not online Storage vMotion, could reset but not disable CBT.

CBT needs to be disabled and then re-enabled when no snapshot of the VM exists.

1. Power off VM
2. Remove all snapshots
3. Disable CBT
4. Restart VM and then shut it down
5. Enable CBT
6. Restart VM - Need to do this. Otherwise CBT will not be activated.

Disable/Enable CBT:

Right Click VM -> Edit Settings > Options > Advanced/General > Configuration Parameters.

scsi0:0.ctkEnabled true (enable) or false (disable)
ctkEnabled true (enable) or false (disable)

scsi0:1.ctkEnabled, scsi0:2.ctkEnabled . You will see more of these entries depends on the number of hard drives you have in the VM.

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