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juliemarie99 11-29-2006 06:06 AM

UltraBac 7.1.3 with External USB Hard Drive
UltraBac 7.1.3 was running on a server with a tape drive that died. Can this software be used with an External USB Hard Drive as a Device? Is it easy to setup, I'm new to UltraBac! Thanks

Derek Beaney 11-29-2006 06:49 AM

Hi Julie,

Here is what you need to do:

Go to Select --> Storage Device.

Next click on the Backup Path Tab.

Next you will see a Yellow and green Icon (add new) Click it.

For device name, it can be what ever you want to call it (something that will help you identify where this backup path leads)

For Directory for device, click the browse button and explore to your external hard drive. I recommend making a folder on the External hard drive and point this backup path to that location.

For the Limit size for media, I would recommend leaving this at the default selection (un-checked). What this option does is tell UtraBac that you can use X amount of space. Once that allotted space has been filled, it will prompt you to add more media.

For the Limit Size per file, Once again i would recommend leaving that at the default value (512mb). When UltraBac does a backup it writes the backup into
our native file format. what this option does is control the size of each of these files.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


juliemarie99 11-29-2006 07:03 AM

Thanks Derek! Appreciate your help

mark007 06-02-2007 04:07 AM

i don't know

Derek Beaney 06-07-2007 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by mark007 (Post 239)
i don't know

Can i help you?

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