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Default UltraBac 9.4.0 is released!


Our latest version of UltraBac adds support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Exchange 2013. We have also introduced new features to our Hyper-V and vSphere agents, including installing and running backup operations from a VM within vCenter, as well as support for NFS datastores and GPT disk format. Be sure to check out all the Version 9.4 highlights.
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Version 9.4.0 (Build 2281 02-24-14)

New Features:

UltraBac Management Console - User may create notes for specified sets and groups that can be utilized for their own purposes.
UltraBac Management Console - New feature enhancement for backup devices: "Keep X number of valid/successful backups in backup path device."

UltraBac Locked File Driver - Citrix compatibility.

Ux Agent - Enable differential backups for file-by-file backups.
Ux Agent - Support for RHEL 5.9, 6.3, and 6.4.

Exchange Agent - Support for Exchange 2013.

vSphere Agent - Support added for NFS Datastores.
vSphere Agent - Added support for "Hot Add" Machine as a virtual appliance.

Issues Fixed this Build:

UltraBac Management Console - Schedule Backup Verifies now complete when there are multiple sets in UB groups.
Ultrabac Management Console - Fixed Managed Machine List to show checkboxes for managed machines.
UltraBac Management Console - "Verify Compare to Media" option can now be used.

UltraBac Installation - UltraBac Setup now has a modified ubfd.msi that will not require "Update for Root Certificate" for the ubfgd.dll install.

Exchange Agent - Marking unselected databases in Exchange, as being backed up using VSS.
Exchange Agent - Exchange error pop-up will show full dialog of error.
Exchange Agent - When restoring an instance and, for any reason it is not possible, the databases within that instance will not be restored.

SQL Agent - .BAK file will restore properly on a remote SQL restore.

Hyper-V Agent - Mounted backups can be enumerated even when UAC is enabled.

vSphere Agent - Storage Area Network snapshot cleanup occurs in proper sequence.
vSphere Agent - When "Import key from file" for decryption is used, Mount and Restore function properly.

Current Known Issues:

Active Directory is not aware of UltraBac backing up System State successfully (even though it has) and will report message that "AD has not been backed up in 'x' amount of days."
Installing UltraBac 9.4 on local or remote computers running Windows Server 2003/2003/R2 requires an interactive response on the console to "continue anyway" for the install of the ubfd.dll because of Windows' Logo Approval.
Unable to "Push Deploy" UltraBac to a system when the Windows Firewall on the remote system is enabled for Windows 7/8 or Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 operating systems.
Exchange Agent - Flat file Exchange restore is not possible if the original Exchange system is not online (computer turned off or not on the network).

Hyper-V Agent - Restore issue with GPT Disk format.

File-by-File Agent - Cannot back up encrypted files on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2008 R2/2012.
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