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Originally Posted by Derek Beaney View Post

I am having problems trying to find this error in our database, can i have you post the context of the error?


will tell you that the block size is set incorrectly.

ntbackup (or other backups apps) and UB all use different block sizes. I can imagine seeing this error if attempting to use an ntbackup-formatted tape in a UB drive. It could also be caused by a system using a different driver to the current system (the block size, although set by the hardware can be further modified by the driver arbitrarily).

Note that a "protected media" type error can be caused by a tape drive that refuses to write on a given medium. Sometimes, as an example, a tape drive will do this when it detects a high number of errors on reading the tape. Trying cleaning the tape drive, and using a new tape and see if the error re-occurs.
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