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Default E-Mail Notification not working

If your E-Mail notifications have stopped being sent, but you are able to send a test email try the following:

1. Open UltraBac
2. Go to Tools->View Events
3. Open up the backup group from last night
4. Got to Notification and click “Edit e-mail format and distribution list”
5. Select “Browse”
6. Select the “defaultemailformat.ini” file, and select open (this re targets the defaultemailformat.ini file in the scheduled backup group file ".UBB")
7. Click Ok
8. Click “Edit e-mail format and distribution list”
9. Click “Edit format file”, this will open the defaultemailformat.ini file.
10. Make sure that [Server], [From], and [To] are similar to what is shown below, and close the file.
11. Click Ok on the Edit E-mail Notification window
12. Click Ok on the Edit Properties for Backup Group window

$type$ $cmp$ $g$ $rpst$

E-Mail notification does not work across domains or if authentication is required.
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