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Question Error Restored SQL


I have a problem to restore SQL databases, when restoring modifying their attributes, all you see is that you restore a tmp file and not the file mdf and ldf database, because it is given?

Now on the other hand performed the direct restorative procedure and did not send me any errors but neither hits.

Attached the log

RESTORE LOG - UltraBac 9.2.5 - Build Date: 2012-07-26.
RESTORE started On: 3/19/2014 4:30:17 PM

Description: SQL Agent
User: DSMEXICO\administrator
Agent: SQL
Agent Host: SERVERDS
Password Protected: false
Computer Name: SERVERDS (Windows 6.1.7600)
Log Type: Summary.

Device: BackupPath1 (SQL (\\\Backups\UltraBac\SERVERDS\SQL\))

Restore options summary:
Alt Database Name: restored

Restored SERVERDS\UBTE8D7.tmp to SERVERDS\UBTE8D7.tmp successfully.
Restored SERVERDS\UBTA350.tmp to SERVERDS\UBTA350.tmp successfully.


Begin: 3/19/2014 4:30:17 PM
End: 3/19/2014 4:33:32 PM
Duration: 00:03:14 Rate: (34.65 MB/Sec 2.03 GB/Min 121.82 GB/Hour)
Media Capacity: 2773.134 GB.
Media Remaining: 2297.887 GB.
0 Errors and 0 Warnings
1 Files Completed/1 Files Selected
1 Folders Completed/1 Folders Selected
7,049,054,032 Bytes Completed/7,049,054,032 Bytes Selected.

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