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Default Gold restore 3.5 - 2 q's/issues

Issue 1/case 1

1. Server's are identical except that the "restore to" server has smaller/SAS drives than the source which had SATA drives.

Issue is; restoring to smaller partition ( approx 70 GB instead of 220 GB) does NOT work. Used space is only 12 GB's....

I know the recommendation is at least 60% if resizing smaller, but the recommendation is then actually a requirement and not recommendation ?

Completly different hardware, Source is a 2003 server, uni-processor.
Target / Restore server is a new quad-core server.
Restore worked gr8 except it's still a single cpu installation.

In 2003, it's not possible to simply choose update driver and go to ACPI.
( or at least that's what I remember...)

any workaround ?
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