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In my previous post I mentioned that I setup paths to the same drive but to different directories named for each day of the week.

backuppath0 = \\somecomputer\g$\MON
backuppath1 = \\somecomputer\g$\TUE
backuppath2 = \\somecomputer\g$\WED
backuppath3 = \\somecomputer\g$\THU
backuppath4 = \\somecomputer\g$\FRI

I am wondering if this is necessary. I did not have the "clear data" enabled and each MON has been filling up with more data. So, if I just have one root folder backuppath0 = \\somecomputer\g$\backup and I don't enable the "clear data" (except on Mondays), then each day will write new data to the folder. I was hoping to preserve each day's data for at least one week. But as soon as Monday rolls around all of the data would be deleted for the Monday backup to execute. I guess If I have to I could get a third drive.

What is the the recommended method in using a single hard drive for one week's worth of backups? I don't want to have to switch media out daily and I do not have an autoloader device.


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