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Wink UBDR Gold 5.0 network browser issues

I have 3 HP proliants and a variety of Dell PowerEdge servers. From any of them if I boot the UBDR Gold 5.0 CD and click on the browse button to search for my target disk image backup path, nothing comes back - i.e. in the browser window I get an entry for Microsoft network (or whatever it says - I can't quite recall), but it cannot be expanded to display the network. I had this working as expected in v4. Is this a known issue with v5? I can get around it by manually entering the target path (\\server\share, etc.) so it's not a major issue but I'd be interested to compare experiences. I saw a similar result at another site, with browsing working under v4 but not v5.

By the way, with UB 9.1.0 now released, is there also an upgrade to UBDR Gold 5.0?

Thanks - Malc
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