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Default UBDR-8 V2P restore to dissimilar

Hi all. Attempting my first V2P and to dissimilar hardware.
W2K8R2 x64 (vCenter server)

Backup is running.
Restoring the following;
100mb system partition
130Gb C:\
60Gb D:\

However, I started this restore yesterday, and thought by morning it should be finished. Coming in this AM and it's still running. So far OVER 20 hours.

"Throughput" 3.3MB/Min
Total Bytes\Time: 4034.MB\20:15:10

Image is on my UB Server on a seperate HDD
All on same LAN

C: partition = basic
D: partition =dynamic (maybe this is causing an issue)

Is this expected or is something amiss??

I don't see how anyone can have a few hour RTO if this is the speed of an image restore??

I have to admit, the UBDR 8 manual is not very clear.
I have read elsewhere, to restore JUST the 100mb partition first, then reboot, and then restore C;\, reboot then restore D;\. Or there also seems to be combinations of this???

Yes...No, nothing in the manual bout that?

Also the manual says UBDR can "Browse" the network. This is just plain FALSE. It will NOT browse the network. So of course for the first little while I was thinking my injected nic drivers were not being picked up correctly. After a bunch of fussing around, I realized UBDR does NOT/CANNOT browse the network and one MUST map drives in order to access shares etc. Being unable to browse, means you need to know the paths to any drivers required, and then map those Drives\Folders.

A little clarity could have saved some time here. This also means you MUST inject your NIC driver into the UBDR boot disk, because you won't be able to later.

Spending an awful lot of time doing trial and error. Good thing its not an emergency.

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