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Default Authentication Problems with Exchange Mailbox Agent

Hello Support,

Ive got some strong problems with the authentication.
Here my scenario:

I use a MS Exchange Server 2003. And ultrabac on a another 2003 server.

I want to use a special account named ultrabacadmin for backup.

These user has full administrative privilegs on the exchange system, the exchange server and the ultrabac server.

I generated an UBMAILBOX for this account on the ultrabac server.

If I try to create a backup set i get the following message:

Mailbox Agent: Unable to open private store, status:80004005"


"Error enumerating files ':MailBox\*' (3 - Das System kann den angegebenenPfad nicht finden.)"

I get no failure, if i use for all the adminstrator account, or if i log on to windows on the ultrabac server with the ultrabacadmin account.
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