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Default Management Service - Licensing 9.1.0 (Resolved)


We're running 9.1.0 Nov 20, 2009 Build 992

We are transfering from a virtual Ultrabac 8.0 server to a physical 9.1.0 server and are having issues getting the new server to accept the license file.

I've set the License server to point to the new Ultrabac box and then I've tried importing a license file but get an error saying " THe machine already has a license. Do you want to import this license?" and I select YES. It then says 'Importing License" then fails with 'The Ultrabac Management Service is either not started or not installed on machine ULTRABAC'.

The old virtual server was named Ultrabac, the new physical server is Ultrabac2. I verified the Management Service is running, rebooted the server several times with no luck. I know this server initially had Ultrabac as it's license server. Why can't I force it to accept Ultrabac2 as it's new license server?

Thank you

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