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Default RPC Error 1726


we have one Server with installed ultrabac 8.1.1. It is a Windows 2003 Sp1 Server. From that server we try to backup via Exchange Agent an Exchnage 2003 Sp1 Server.
But all Backups are stopped from an RPC Error 1726.
Sometimes early , sometimes later.

Ultrabac Software is Licensed and Exchange Agents are also Licensed.
The backupServer has a Folder as destination.

When we try to do the same thing with NTBACKUP everything goes fine(but very slow, over 14 Hours).

Exchange Server and UltrabacServer have 4GB RAM and are running in 3Gb mode.
Exchange DB is over 200GB in size and daily Exchange Transactionslogs are 5-8GB.

What is RPC Error 1726?
What caused RPC Error 1726?
Why is there an RPC Error 1726 only when using Ultrabac?

Could you help?
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