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Default Feature requests

I would like to see the following features added / modified / or changed so that they are not so restrictive. I have found that transitioning from tape to disk based backup requires different elements from backup software.

1. Remove limitations imposed by prep file and index at end of backups. I should be able to copy, move, and/or delete backup sets and have UltraBac be able to open and restore those sets from the target.
2. Provide UltraCopy free of charge so that backup sets can be automatically copied between disk devices allowing greater flexibility in providing off-site storage of backups.
3. Modify UltraCopy to allow individual sets to be copied instead of entire backup paths, for example, do backup, copy that backup to removable external hard drive for offsite storage.
4. Provide ability to mount backup sets so that they can be viewed realtime and verified to be valid.
5. Modify disk based backup structures to write and restore from single files with more reasonable file names.
6. In conjunction with #4, or in place of, provide fee free VHD creation capability, and more options during backup so that backup sets don't have to be doubled to use this feature.
7. And/or #6 provide the abilty to convert a backup set to VHD or restore to VHD.
8. Fix delete after x days functionality for media by not excluding files that aren't included in index, allow delete function to occur before backup instead of after.

Thanks for your consideration.
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