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Old 01-14-2011, 10:01 AM
Derek Beaney Derek Beaney is offline
UltraBac Technical Support
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Default OSX Agent Install Guide

OSX Based Installations.

Note: This will only work on OSX 10.3 and older.

The Unix Agent packages are saved in the "UxAgents" folder by default:

C:\Program Files\UltraBac Software\UltraBac\UxAgents\

The package you need is: ubux-2.31-osx.dmg.gz

You will need to transfer the ubux-2.31-osx.dmg.gz file to your OSX machine. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use ftp.

Once you have transferred the file, log on to the OSX machine as the "Root" user.

Then explore to the /Applications folder.

You will need to make an "ubinstall" folder. To do this type: mkdir ubinstall

Explore to where you saved the UltraBac installer, then move the file to /Applications/ubinstall

To do this type: mv ubux-2.31-osx.dmg.gz /Applications/ubinstall

Then explore to /Applications/ubinstall

You will need to uncompress the UltraBac installer.

To do this type gunzip ubux-2.31-osx.dmg.gz

This will leave behind a ubux-2.31-osx.dmg file.

Next you will need to mount the .dmg file

To do this type hdiutil mount /Applications/ubinstall/ubux-2.31-osx.dmg

Now go to the desktop. You should see an Icon that says ubux-2.31-osx. Double Click it.

This will open up another window. Double click the Icon that says ubux-2.31-osx.pkg.
This will bring up the UltraBac OSX Agent Installer.

Continue going through the installer. Once you have finished there, go back to the

Terminal prompt and explore to where you installed UltraBac.

You will need to set up the password.

To do this type: ./ubuxpwd -i

It will prompt you to enter a password. **Important** You must put in the same password as you use for your Root User.

If your OSX machine has no password set for root, you must set one. To do this type:

sudo su [enter]

passwd root from there it will prompt you to type a new password.

Once the password has been setup for UltraBac you must then install the ubuxagentd service.

To do this type ./ubuxagentd

Now the OSX agent is installed and ready to use.
Derek Beaney,
UltraBac Software
Test Engineer / Beta Manager
Phone: 425-644-6000
Email: Derek@ultrabac.com
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