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Old 01-08-2013, 10:26 AM
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Default UB Warp F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Continuous Image Protection™?

Answer: Continuous Image Protection (CIP™) is a form of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that is faster than traditional CDP solutions. CIP automatically recognizes the changes made to the block(s) on the disk and saves block-level changes instead of file-level changes. This means if you change only byte of a 100 GB file, only the changed block is backed up instead of the entire changed file.

Question: What are the advantages of CDP over traditional data backup methods?

Answer: CDP prevents loss of data as the modified contents of protected drives are backed up automatically in real-time. You can accurately restore any earlier version of the data through the whole partition restore or the mount process.

Question: What can a user back up?

Answer: A user can back up any non-removable drive using UltraBac Warp, whether it is mounted or unmounted. Mounted partitions (formatted and lettered) can be backed up using CIP, while unmounted partitions (formatted but not lettered) can still do a full backup. Mapped drives or removable drives cannot be backed up using UltraBac Warp.

Question: What are the options for backup destinations?

Answer: A user can use any non-OS drive (that is not under UltraBac Warp protection), a mapped drive on a remote system or NAS/SAN, or a USB drive as backup destinations. A user must provide valid logon credentials (if any) when using a remote destination.

Question: Which backup retention policy should be selected?

Answer: UltraBac Warp has four retention policies. If you wish to retain more granular backup copies for a longer period of time, Retention Policy 1 should be selected. The drawback to this selection is it will consume more space on the backup destination. If you are space conscious, Retention Policy 4 should be selected. This selection will use less space but retain a less granular number of backup copies. For results somewhere in between, a user can select either Retention Policy 2 or 3. Please refer to product documentation for detailed information.

Question: What if an encryption key is forgotten or lost?

Answer: An encryption key must be entered to restore an encrypted backup. An encrypted backup cannot be restored without the valid encryption key. If the encryption key is forgotten or lost there is NO way to restore the encrypted backup. UltraBac Warp provides the ability to export encryption keys to a file in a specified location. It is highly recommended that this process be utilized for safe keeping of encryption keys. When it is necessary to perform a restore the encryption key can then be imported from the specified location.

Question: Why is the backup paused?

Answer: In normal circumstances, backups will not be seen paused state. The following scenarios can lead the backup process to become paused:

* The demo license expired.
* The backup destination is not accessible.
* The password for the backup destination has been changed.
* The backup destination is full.

Question: Why did the backup stop automatically?

Answer: We support Continuous Image Protection for mounted drives (with drive letter). If only non-mounted partitions are selected to be protected, once the full backup is complete, the CIP process would stop on the non-mounted partitions. This means changes to the non-mounted partitions are not being backed up and saved.

Question: Why are bookmarks beneficial?

Answer: A bookmark is a specified and named point in time copy of all the protected partitions. Instead of providing an exact time and date of the backup the user wishes to restore from, a bookmark the user created can be selected to restore/mount the backup data.

Question: Can backups be created once the license has expired?

Answer: No. UltraBac Warp requires a valid license to back up. On order to resume the backup process a user may apply for a demo license extension, or permanent license may be purchased.

Question: Can accidentally deleted files be recovered?

Answer: Yes. Please refer to Mount/Unmount section in the UltraBac Warp User Guide for details.

Question: Can data be restored after a hard drive failure?

Answer: Yes. First replace the damaged hard drive. If the machine is unbootable because the failed drive was your system drive, then please refer to the Bare Metal Recovery section in the UltraBac Warp User Guide for details on how to perform a full restore to the new hard drive using the user created Bare Metal Recovery disk. If the machine is bootable, recreate the partition layout on the new hard drive and restore the data using the whole partition restore option.

Question: Why should the Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) CD be created?

Answer: If user loses the machine's hard drives or the machine is unable to boot from the hard disk, the BMR CD will help to boot machine into a Win PE environment. Then the UltraBac Warp application is used to recover the system. Please refer to BMR section in the UltraBac Warp User Guide for detailed steps on restoring using the user created BMR CD.

Question: How is a Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) CD created?

Answer: Please refer to UltraBac Media Builder section in the UltraBac Warp User Guide for detailed steps on how to create the BMR CD.

Question: Should the System Reserved (100MB) partition be restored?

Answer: Windows Vista and later versions of Windows have a System Reserved partition. It is an important partition which stores metadata related to operating system. Users should backup/restore the System Reserved partition along with System partition (i.e. C:). If a user does not restore the System Reserved Windows partition, the system would not be able to boot from the hard disk.
James Dawes
UltraBac Software
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